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This section is developed as Ken gradually improved on her Japanese. Now, as a disclaimer, I have never, EVER taken a real Japanese class, and pretty much went by figuring things out by myself based on experience and an understanding of Chinese. So, these translations are also no guarantee 100% correct. So please proceed with caution *laughs*.

[Angelique] Nemurenu Yoru no Tame ni 1
[Angelique] Nemurenu Yoru no Tame ni 4
[Gakuen Heaven] Between the Sheets
[Gakuen Heaven] Hitomi Tojite
[HaruToki] Gekka Bijin
[Prince of Tennis] YOU GET THE POWER
[TokiMemo GS] Tsuki wa Shizuka ni

[Angelique] Radio Drama 1 ~Sayonara, Labyrinth~

BL/Girl Games:
[Full Translation Project] Tsuki no Hikari, Taiyou no Kage