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Last Updated: 8.18.2006 - Translations + Review

Gratuitous Ranting Space:
I can't have ENOUGH of this NeoRomance sap *dies*
Clavis and Julious are SO MUCH LOVE TOGETHER~~

And even though I don't want to admit it, the crap that is Angelique TV actually DID light my intense passion for LOLITA CLAVIS XDDDDDDDDD
Because~~~~*squiggles* he's just so KAWAII at 5 years old~~~~~~*dies* and I can imagine him being dragged around by tiny Julious, and tugging on Julious's sleeve, and sleeping, and giving of gentle kiddie smile....and...AND!!!!

*runs around holding head* IYAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm SO OBSSESSED~~~~


Welcome to #BLDrama, coming back alive (?) after almost two years of hiatus. Now running in minimized version in combination with Ken (byouyuuken)'s personal dump, translations of all different genres, and etc.

Our once-alive channel should still be existent, just that I (Ken) am no longer moderating the channel. Feel free to visit if you have a chance.

BL dramas are in other words, voice CDs of a yaoi genre. American fans probably know somewhat less of CD dramas than anime or manga, due to the fact that most understand little or no Japanese. However, Ken says: don't ever be intimited by the Japanese!! XD BL dramas are just as enjoyable even if you can't understand every little detail, plus, it's a great way to pick up listening skills and actually LEARN some Japanese if you don't know any.

This site is designed to promote BL dramas to foreign fans and encourage general seiyuu (voice actor)-loving. Ken will do lots of ranting, lots of fangirling, much screaming and nosebleeding, and use all her might to persuade you to love these wonderful voices. So take a look, stay, hang around, and be converted to the world of Seiyuu-love!!!! *laughs*

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